Can “Breakout Nations” use ‘leapfrog’ innovations?

31 07 2012

Chris van der Hoven writes:

The UK government is debating whether speed, or access to broadband are more worthy uses of tax payers money. They compare connectivity speeds between the UK and Western Europe, but… Read the rest of this entry »


Liberate your mind : Cross-sector Innovation Teams

17 11 2010
It’s such a boost to be able to put our day-to-day routine to one side and get a chance to be really creative!

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‘Prototyping’ in services

23 09 2010

Chris van der Hoven wrote:

When launches a service like (books in audio format), is that an exercise in ‘prototyping’? Read the rest of this entry »

The innovator’s paradox: differentiated products = less risky products?

3 08 2010

Chris van der Hoven wrote:              

In product and service portfolio management, a “balanced” portfolio includes value prospects that are risky (these may be very different from what we know and do currently), and those that are less risky (these are incremental – in our comfort zone). The “balance” is achieved by… Read the rest of this entry »