The funkiest seminar in Malaysia

29 10 2012

Chris van der Hoven writes:











This month we delivered a series of seminars in Kuala Lampur in Malaysia (check out the brochure). These programmes were set up by our colleagues (Tim Ringrose and Bill Shedden) in Cranfield Customised Executive Development in collaboration with local partners K-Pintar. The seminars were very well attended. The first was targeted at big business and the second at SMEs. In both seminars we used the newly minted CitizenM case study which you can see (and use if you like) at (or click here to link directly) . Delegates worked in teams to define a strategy and design a business model for the entry of CitizenM (the ‘funkiest hotel in the world’) into Asia. This process highlighted the need for clarity of strategy in selecting combinations of customer segments and customer value propositions (and by definition which combinations to deselect). Delegates debated the problems of disruption and differentiation in what is already a very ‘red ocean’ of competition. There were excellent insights.

It was also really wonderful to catch up with some local loyal alums – e.g. Dr. Amin Khan and CK Tan et al.




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