Beyond the voice of the customer

21 08 2012

Chris van der Hoven wrote:

We are delighted that our collaboration with Copenhagen Business School (Dr. Claus Varnes) and Zeppelin University (Dr. Ursula Koners) has resulted in a publication in the July – August 2012 edition of Research Technology Management (RTM). It is a Feature Article on page 45 of the journal. RTM is the journal of the Industrial Research Institute in the US which has been in existence since 1938. It has over 200 members and is made up of large businesses with an interest in R&D, innovation and industrial marketing.
Our research explains the key elements of ethnographic market research. We make the case for the use of the approach in the face of stagnation in use of techniques for surfacing deep insights into customer needs. We also argue that alternative configurations are required to surface so-called “hidden needs”. The article title is “Beyond the Voice of the Customer: Ethnographic Market Research” by Goffin, Varnes, van der Hoven & Koners – in Volume 55, No.4 (July-August 2012). The journal library can be accessed via the RTM website.




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