SharpCloud – Hot Stuff for Innovation Teams

11 01 2011

Chris van der Hoven wrote:

Mark Buswell MBA sent us a demo of some software called Sharp Cloud, and its used for technology and product roadmapping. The software provides excellent graphic displays that can be configured to suit any audience – for example SWOT analysis / cost-benefit / BCG / project links, etc. Great for presentations.

We like this software because the underlying elements are very much in line with the approach that we use. More importantly, Mark is an innovation specialist in a very hi-tech manufacturing environment and so far he’s impressed.

Of course, as with any software the outputs are only as good as the inputs.  Our suggestion remains to ensure you have very good facilitators for the input and review processes.




2 responses

11 01 2011

I’m sorry to say I have reviewed this and at first it looks very swish, and whizzy, really captures the eye, Then when you get underneath and try to use it in anger the issues come out and this is when you realise if you try to do traditional road mapping, as per the product :
“Vision Strategist” Doesn’t deliver the real granular level of detail and time lining you would expect, and if you try to group several lines and dependencies becomes a big disappointment. :0( One to Watch though as the product matures!!

13 01 2011

Heath – thanks for your insights, much appreciated. Have you come across any better / other alternatives?

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