United Nations of Innovation in Mexico

17 12 2010

We are just back from a wonderful visit to Mexico (wonderful except that BA were far from their best and DHL didn’t deliver our equipment in time)!

Nevertheless, four teams – Brazil, Argentina, Mexico / Pan America & the USA with simultaneous translations into Portuguese and Spanish. We have never had to tackle Product/Service Roadmapping and Project Management with such a diverse group before.

The best part was that these teams all belonged to the same business and for the first time could get a really good look at the strategic level plans for trends, customer needs, value propositions, business infrastructure, and R&D and other resource needs across the South American businesses.

It’s a smart move to use the same innovation tools across cultures. The tools become a proxy for a shared language. Even so, I wouldn’t want to take anything away from the 4 translators that worked with us – they were really professional and worked so hard (I have their contact details if you are working over there).




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