Multi-cultural New Product / Service Development using the CityCar Simulation

24 11 2010

Another great week for innovation. Keith and I are working with a global hi-tech company who are using our techniques. These participants are trialling new approaches in a very traditional industry and showing real returns.

This week we used a new product / new service simulation that will be well known to our MBAs – the Self-Parking City Car Sim. Delegates have the opportunity to create a product and service offering from scratch. It involves marketing, finance, manufacturing, design and much more, in a team based exercise where communication and clarity about customer needs is crucial.
As you’d expect – lots of mistakes (hence the laughter), but who cares when it’s only a simulation. The learning is kept in-house and adds to the valuable knowledge and experience base that the company already draws on.
A dry-run to prepare a development team for action is a low-cost way to learn about the risks and the (virtual) financial consequences.



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