Liberate your mind : Cross-sector Innovation Teams

17 11 2010
It’s such a boost to be able to put our day-to-day routine to one side and get a chance to be really creative!

This week at Cranfield Keith Goffin and I worked with a number of cross-sector teams with a brief to break down boundaries, develop trust and unleash real creativity. A strategy element included roadmapping and scenarios for future developments.

The teams worked together on developing ideas around differentiation, durable value, definition and diffusion of innovation. They worked on developing products and enhancing them with Kano analysis, a robust service concept and a targeted service blueprint. The teams also did live exercises to discover customer’s hidden needs and other normative and exploratory creative techniques.

All in all a fun few days with loads of hard work and a lot of laughter (key ingredients for liberated creative minds)!

These sessions are part of a regular series known as Innovation Managament: Strategy & Implementation (IMSI). If this interests you please contact me on +44 (0)1234 754891 – thanks Chris.




2 responses

18 11 2010

Just a note – Mr Innovation as I was jokingly referred today on first day back in the work place…
And although silly – Yes…..!!! was the reply…. great course to refocus and provide clarity now comes the hard part to influence others into this new way of thinking…Thanks Chris & Keith…. :0)

What would be a good follow up to this course to continue expanding the world of Innovation Management?

24 11 2010

Excellent result – could be worse names than Mr. Innovation? We’ll keep in touch about what else we are up to. Thanks for the enthusiastic comments. Cheers Chris

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