Can you work out what idea is being sold?

18 10 2010

Chris van der Hoven wrote:

Richard Brooks MBA is the MD of K-International. Rich has a very good blog dedicated to his craft and related stories. He recently mentioned that he had posted something on innovation. In his post he had the following clip… – it is an overview of Steven Johnson’s book. Honestly, it takes selling to a whole new level – an excellent watch.




2 responses

21 10 2010
Mark Fermor

We think the answer to your question is ‘Creative Visioning’. visualising concept clouds. Does he offer the service?! I could do with someone who can draw ideas in my field – It is hard to come up with pictures of the subsurface environment ideas that we deal with.

Niki says looking for the missing pieces is what cynics would call ‘Scalping from Wiki’ in her trade!

Mark and Niki

25 10 2010

Hello Mark – not sure whether Stephan Johnson did this himself or got someone to do it for him. If you manage to find out, do let me know, because I think we could use that kind of creativity too!
All the best

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