The Business Model Canvas

15 10 2010

Chris van der Hoven wrote:

Yesterday the MD of IIGglobal Stephen Newbury and a colleague (Paul Hobcraft) spent the afternoon at Cranfield with 30 Executive MBAs test driving the Business Model Canvas. Their brief was to… …find a way to support unpaid caregivers in the UK. The MBAs had a go at creating business models from the perspective of 6 different stakeholders.  The exercise was great fun and generated a number of ideas and possibilities.

IIG version of the Osterwalder Canvas

Amongst the many valuable uses that Stephen pointed out was the value of using the BM Canvas format as a basis to do valuations if you are a venture capitalist. We think there is also value in defining ‘current’ and ‘to be’ canvasses as part of a formal change project when an organisation switches business models. There are also useful potential applications in mergers and acquisitions.

One concern about the canvas was the need to incorporate relationships that use agency formats (e.g. brokers, distributors, wholesalers, etc – i.e. intermediaries beween consumers and providers). This is easily done even if it isn’t explicit in the current format.

The MBAs are also researching the relationship between NPD /NSD and Business Model Innovation. For example, how to integrate the Kano model (to better refine the customer perspective). More on this later.




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