The “winner’s curse” – Selling innovation tools and techniques

16 09 2010

Chris van der Hoven wrote:

I had a conversation yesterday with someone who is studying successes and failures in implementing new management tools. His preliminary findings are… …based on an in depth look at consultants who sell these “solutions”. I listened to his observations and wondered at the extent to which the successful bids were a victory of style over substance. Of course this is difficult to study anyway – who is prepared to share their experience of selling or spending a fortune on the wrong “solution”? His question is: “how do we make sure that the ‘context’ is taken into account properly when we configure a solution?” Of course this assumes a unidirectional ’cause-effect’ relationship – I think sometimes the solution can drive the context.

Anyway, I am looking for case contexts to help him do more with his study. If you know of examples, let me know.




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