Maybe you need a Business Model to fit your Idea – not the other way around?

29 07 2010

Chris van der Hoven wrote:
I’m delighted that Stephen Newbury is coming to Cranfield on the 14th of October to work with our Executive MBAs. Stephen is a Business Model boffin and the MD of a small company based in Oxford who have been doing Business Model research and consulting.

This is an area that doesn’t seem to have much traction amongst practitioners yet, but… as Stephen says, is certainly starting to attract a lot of academic attention. We share the view that Business Models tend to ‘chew up’ and ‘spit out’ good ideas. They can provide a perfectly logical / rational basis on which to argue that an idea should not be supported. So, we propose that as part of your innovation process, you switch your view, and try to work out what Business Model best suits your Idea – rather than trying to bash a good idea out of shape to make it fit your Business Model!? Otherwise – you may be consigned to bland undifferentiated ‘me-too’ products and services.

I guess our challenge is to work out how to support people like Stephen by researching and leading the thinking on ways to make implementation happen. More on this later in the year.




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